Buy Nokia 6 Edge Phone at Rs 499 from Amazon (Scam Alert)

Buy Nokia 6 Edge Mobile phone, (Scam) Buy Nokia 6 edge phone at Rs 499Rs 499 Nokia Smartphone, Nokia 6 Edge phone Amazon sale,, Nokia 6 edge amazon offer,Nokia 6 edge price in Amazon, Nokkia 6 edge is nwely launch in the market and it has a great features like Android v7.0 (Nougat) operating system, Capacitive Touchscreen, Multi-touch, Octa core, 2 GHz, Cortex A53 with 3GB RAM. through this post we are gonna share you about how Scammers are provide fake offers Just as Buy Nokia 6 Edge Phone at Rs 499 from Amazon. its a fake offer. they make these type of sites Sale. and make viral all over through the internet.  see the full post till the end to know how this scammers are make fool of others and take advantages. see below,

Now a days Scammer make a Shadow page of Amazon & start selling Nokia 6 Edge at Rs 499 Only. these types of news are viral through internet such as social messengers. so dont try such types of fake offers. Scammers are make fake site and offering such scam offers and they wasting precious time of users also collecting there free traffic and personal data and earn money by doing this type of thing. its harmful for you, so dont try this type of offers.

Tips – We strongly Recommend Dont try these types of fake offers. its totally 100% fake offer.


What is the exact message Nokia 6 Edge @ 499 Sale –

The exact wordings of the message that is being circulated consistently on social media is as follows –

🎉📱Nokia ने की भारतीय बाजार में जबरदस्त धमाकेदार वापसी📱🎉

🎊भारतीय बाजार में उतारा अपना सबसे शानदार मोबाइल मात्र ₹499 में🎊

📱Nokia Edge 6 (4GB + 64GB) Only For Rs 499 📱

Order Now
ये ऑफर सिमित समय के लिए हे

नोट : ₹499 का भुगतान आपको मोबाइल प्राप्त होने पर नगद करना है।

Verification –

As we know Like all the other similar scams which we have reported this one also makes you install sponsored apps. These apps can be Malwares which can harm your phone and use your contacts and other information from your phone. Below is a picture of the page.


Why we call it fake  –

1. Because amazon is never gonna sale product with these domain name Amazon has its own official site

2. If Amazon Even wants to giveaway then they will do it professionally on their own website through some contest like treasure hunt etc.

3. After you click on “Buy Now” and “Proceed to Checkout” >> You will be asked to share the message with 8 friends or whatsapp groups and you will be surprised to know that you can just click on Share and then you will be taken to Whatsapp and you can then press back button without actually sharing in any group and it will be counted as 1 successful share.

Amazon is never Gonna ask you to Share this kind of things in other messengers its a fact.

4. After you share with 8 friends/groups, you will be asked to download a suspicious app which can harm your phone. After knowing all of this – Do you still want to do that ? Well – Your choice, at the end of day.


Now the decision is yours  Do you want to be scam-smart and ignore not only this campaign but also others like these or still participate and waste your time



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