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IPL free T-shirts, , Free IPL T-Shirt, IPL 10 2017 Win Free T-Shirt, free ipl tshirt in/,, Indian premier league is india’s most successive tournament in cricket world. this year IPL season 10 they are running successfully begain and going good. so in these we are gonna inform you about scammers that they will offer free IPL t-shirts of your favourite team. its a 100% fake offer, see the article carefully and know how this scammers are make fool of others  and take advantages.

This is the biggest scam by offering free t-shirts for your favourite team for all. this is 100% fake offer. this type of news are viral through social media such as whatsapp, facebook, etc. its a 100% spam. they will make a shadow page of IPL and make fool of others by providing free t- shirts.actually they are not provide free IPL t-shirts they just make fools of others and take precious time of users and Information and make money by doing this. so its harmful for you.

Recommended – Dont try such type of offers this is 100% fake offer. or (SCAM offer) –

In these days the latest Scam post going viral on social media is Grab Vivo IPL TShirt Free, Visit or Spam. This is 100% fake. Don’t try these types of post.

How they Promote such fake sites –

Scammers are making fake site and viral through social media  that Vivo IPL is offering free t-shirts to everyone. this is 100% scam offer. see image below,


What is exact words in This 100% fake post –

Dosto VIVO IPL T-shirt Free me DE raha he Vivo Company is Celebrating Success Ipl Match Jise Ipl Team T-shirt Chahiye vo is site se lele Offer valid for android user Enjoy Or dosto ko batao !

Other Similar such as,

Grab VivoIPL TShirt Free, Visit
👕फ्री टी-शर्ट👕फ्री टी-शर्ट👕फ्री टी-शर्ट👕
🏏VIVO IPL 2017🏏 की तरफ से पायें फ्री प्रिंटेड टी-शर्ट 👕
दोस्तो VIVO IPL दे रहा है Vivo कंपनी के प्रचार के लिये VIVO IPL प्रिंटेड टी-शर्ट​ वो भी बिल्कुल मुफ्त में।
तो देर ना करें दोस्तो जिस किसी को भी यह टी-शर्ट लेनी है वह जल्द ही नीचे दी गई Site पर जायें और अपना नाम व डिलीवरी पता डालें और मुफ्त में पाइयें VIVO IPL टी-शर्ट।⤵
(ये post अपने facebook friends को ज़्यादा से ज़्यादा share करें और पाये ipl season 10 के सभी matches की टिकिट जीतने का मौक़ा।)


Why are they doing this –

Its very simple Scammers are doing this because of earn some money from doing such fake offers. Its make you install unwanted sponsered apps, these types of apps are harmful for your mobile.

Is it harmful for you ?

Yes 100% its harmful for you because they will take your precious time and your information. so stay away from such fake offers.


Verification –

They are gonna makes you install sponsored apps. These apps can be Malwares which can harm your phone and use your contacts and other information from your phone.


Note : Dont try such type of offers ever. Share this post with your friends, family to protect them from These scams.



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