Modi Free Laptop Distribution Scheme 2017 : Get Online from , Modi free laptop distribution, Modi free Laptop distribution scheme, Get online laptop for free, 1st July Free Laptop Distribution, , Free Laptop Distribution Scheme 2017, In these days the Big scam is viral through the internet that Modi gives free laptop to everyone in Modi free Laptop Distribution Scheme 2017. Its a 100% fake offer. Few days back in whatsapp we got this message that “Modi free laptop Distribution Scheme 2017” Where Modi Gives free laptop to every indian. this is fake offer. how to know this fake offer See the full post to know more about this offer,

Modi free Laptop Distribution Scheme 2017 Details –

The website is claim that Modi free Laptop Distribution Scheme 2017 where Narendra Modi PM of india is  given free Laptop distribution for all indan. Its claiming that Modi ji is giving free Hp, Dell, HCL, Toshiva & Lenovo Laptop by your Choice. its a fake offer.

some scammers are making fake site and offering such type of offers. Specially this types of message is viral through Social media  like facebook, whatsapp etc. I got this message from Whatsapp. So this kind of message are fake. because Modi ji never gonna distribute Laptop for very indian. its impossible.

We post this article to you because its a fake offer so dont try it. Also share with your Friends and Family to protect them.


What is the exact Message of Modi free Laptop Distribution Scheme 2017 –

मोदी सरकार की तरफ से बिलकुल फ्री में लैपटॉप वितरण किये जा रहे है, जल्दी बुक करें
Visit 👉🏻 

मोदी सरकार की तरफ से बिलकुल फ्री में लैपटॉप वितरण किये जा रहे है, जल्दी बुक करें
Visit 👉 Modi Free Laptop Distribution –

You have to visit this site Now you will see Modi Free Laptop Distribution Scheme 2017 now you have to enter your details Such as Full Name, Address and Select your  Laptop Brand.  After submitting click on Next, Then You will See –

1. अपना लैपटॉप बुक करने के लिए 12 मित्रों या ग्रुप के लोगों को INVITE करे.

2. फिर ORDER LAPTOP पर क्लिक करके अपना पूरा एड्रेस डाले.

Now They will ask you for Booking laptop you have to  Share this to your 12 Friends or Groups. but invite option is not working and if you click on book laptop option then its also not working. its shows you that you need to share this message atleast 12 friends or group for Booking Laptop.

its a fake offer. In these way you can easily find that this is fake offer. There is no other option is available in these site. There is no Contact us page found. There is nothing in these site to proof that its a genuine site.


Reasons Behind these Scam –

There is so many Reasons behind these scam post, we mention some points that can be satisfed you that its fake offer,

1. There is no Contact us page found.

2. If Modi ji is offering free laptop then they will first announce in other telecommunication network like TV, Newspaper, Radio or through advertise etc.

3. Its impossible to Distribute free laptop for every one.

4. If Modi ji decide to Distribute Free Laptop then this offer is for some particular person like winning quizzes, Participate in sports or Competition etc.


Why Scammers are Doing this –

Answer is simple

1. To Get High Traffic.

2. Earn Huge money by Clicking you ads.

3. These ads are Malwares so it can damaged your phone.

4. Wasting your time and Take your Valuable information.

5. Unnecessary Share this post to your Friends.


Modi free laptop Distribution Scheme 2017


So Dont try these offer. its a 100% fake offer.


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