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Buy Redmi Note 4 at Rs 499 on –

This is  fake offer, i found this message on facebook it claims that Amazon is offering Redmi note 4 (4GB RAM & 64GB ROM) at just Rs 499 Bou now this is  100% scam offer. Some scammers are create shadow page of amazon and offering amazon great indian sale buy redmi note 4 at Rs 499 only. this types of post are actually viral through social media like facebook and whatsapp. now you think that why we post this article here is the answer we are just protect you from this kind of fake offers. its a harmful for you. dont try this.

we strongly recommend you to dont try such offers its a fake post & fake offer. We also request you to if you love your Neighbourhood, friends & family then plese dont hesiate just share it with them and protect them.

Note : This is 100% fake offer so dont try this. it can harmful for you. so please dont try this can harm for you so dont try this.


What is the Exact Message of Redmi note 4 sale at rs 499 –

Amazon Great Indian Mobile Sale

अमेज़ॉन दे रहा है। Redmi Note 4 (64GB ROM 4GB RAM) मात्र 499₹ में *

* Visit Now ⇒ |

इस ऑफर के तहत Amazon Redmi Note 4 पर 97% तक छुट दे रहा है * ⇓

* Visit here ⇒ |

* (Offer valid for Limited Period) *

* अब तक 50000 से अधिक उपभोक्ता इस ऑफर का लाभ उठा चुके है। *

Human verification –

I Found this message on Facebook and Whatsapp, here is the proof ⇓

In Whatsapp see below,

In Facebook,

If you click on link on Buy now option & Proceed to checkout. then a new page will appear it will ask you to Share this message on whatsapp groups or with your 8 friends. after click on share you will be redirect to whatsapp and you can then press back button without actually sharing in any group and it will be counted as 1 successful share. If this is genuine offer then it will necer ask you to share anything.

I hope now you will understand this is fake offer.


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Reasons Behind these scam Amazon Great indian mobile sale –

There is so many reasons but we mention some of the topic’ see below,

1. To get people’s personal data & precious time.

2. They will will earn huge income by clicking you unwanted adds.

3. Now the decision is yours Do you want to be scam-smart and ignore not only this campaign but also others like these or still participate and waste your time.

4. Domain Redirect to Other Blog to drive free traffic.

5. Get over traffic on their website.


Why we call it Scam or fake –

1. There is No Other Product Available in this site.

2. The Torento Seller is Having 416,340 ratings.

3. No Sign Up Page & No Log in Page available.

4. No Contact Us Page found.

5. Even if Amazon wants to Offer then they will do it professionally on their own website, not on some unknown domain like

6. Are you really think amazon start new website to give offer.


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